Max B. Norton

A photo of me (Max Norton) on a rooftop in Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico.

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in economics at the University of British Columbia. I am an applied microeconomist with a research focus on public, urban, and education economics and policy.

My current research examines unequal capital investment across K-12 schools, with a focus on understanding how disparities in facility investment drive household sorting and segregation across schools and neighborhoods. More broadly, I am invested in analyzing the drivers and welfare effects of regional differences under multi-level government.

I value forming meaningful connections over ideas and research. Reach out to me on Twitter @maxbnorton, or email me at


Selected Research

School bonds, sorting, and the distribution of school capital: Evidence from California (job market paper, work in progress).

Social insurance non-compliance in China: A synthesis and new results (with Wei Cui and Jeffrey Hicks, work in progress).

How well-targeted are payroll tax cuts as a response to COVID-19? Evidence from China (with Wei Cui and Jeffrey Hicks). International Tax and Public Finance 29, 2022.